What does a Divorce Coach Do and Why Do I need one?

We’ll help you stay FOCUSED & ON TRACK during your divorce!

Divorce Coaching is an important tool in assisting individuals cope with the stress of divorce. Divorce coaching helps people become emotionally ready to make informed decisions about their lives and those of their children. It helps people deal with the turmoil that often comes with divorce. It is also useful in assisting people cope with having to make major changes as a result of divorce for example lifestyle, financial, family And social situations. Divorce coaching helps people become grounded by normalizing the strain of divorce and providing useful feedback during difficult times. Is also gives people a safe place to vent their frustrations, anger and sadness with a professional Divorce Coach skilled to manage a wide variety of issues that arises during the divorcing process.

Divorce Coaches provide invaluable assistance to clients and their lawyers in their combined goal of reaching timely and reasonable settlements. In the long run, clients find using a divorce coach to be very cost effective service overall. This is because Divorce Coaches are better trained to address the emotional side of divorce than lawyers. By assisting clients to overcome some of the emotional hurdles encountered during Divorce negotiations. clients are able to move through  the process with fewer disputes that result in escalating legal fees.

A Divorce Coach DOES NOT provides legal advice. Coaching is not clinical in nature like therapy or counseling. It is not based on a medical diagnosis and no diagnosis is made. There is no assumption that a mental health problem exists and a coach does not delve into the past to look for root causes of problematic issues. A Divorce Coach neither offers legal advice nor serves as a substitute for your attorney. You MUST go to a lawyer for that service. However, a divorce Coach can address many other issues that these professionals are not trained to do.

 Some of these issues involve: 

  1. Supporting your child during a time of change and adaptation.

  2. Learning how to reconstruct emotional boundaries when interacting with your former partner.

  3. Coping with difficult litigation.

  4. Coping with your own frustration, anger and grief.

  5. Finding a balance between the divorce process and getting on with life.


  1. Various previous emotional issues that might have been the cause of your breakup.

  2. To help achieve closure with your prior relationship.



  1. It’s short term, when divorce process is done, so is the coach

  2. Centered on divorce process (stages of emotional adjustment, communication during and post-divorce).

  3. Psycho-educational, i.e., uses psychological principles to enhance skills or to help in problem solving

  4. Coaching is active and directive.

  5. Coach often helps or assists in developing parenting time plans.

  6. A Coach cannot be called as a witness.

  7. A Coach services cannot be billed to insurance,


Divorce Coaching Checklist:



Divorce coaching is focused and targeted help for you about most critical issues that arise during your divorce. After reading though this list, check those areas where you feel some level of help is needed at this time. Know that your needs will change as you move though the separation and divorce process.


□ Emotional support

□ Information About Divorce, Mediation

□ Financial Information/Help

□ Mediation Coaching

□ Prioritizing/ Concerns/Needs

□ Communication

□ Negotiations

□ Conflict Resolution

□ Child/ Children Issues

□ Co-Parenting 

□ Problem-Solving

□ Stress Reduction

□ My Future 

□ Other_______________________________ 

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