Hire An Expert To Conduct An Accurate Driver’s License Evaluation And Testing

The follow-up information is about substance abuse testing and therapy. I conduct and can offer your clients the State of Michigan Driver’s License Testing. On the State’s form there are two innocuous psychological tests: the MAST (Michigan Alcohol Screening Test – and the SASSI-3 (Substance Abuse Screening Inventory). Included in my testing are the urine test and the Breathalyzer Exam.

The substances listed below are the items tested during the “basic” urine testing. I use proper security of sample methods by maintaining the proper chain of custody for accuracy and reliability. Confirmed positive samples are stored in a secure freezer in the testing laboratory for up to 12 months. The results of the tests usually take 4-5 days. The following items are included in the basic urine-screening test:

• Amphetamines Barbiturates Benzodiazepines
• Marijuana Alcohol MDMA-Ecstasy Opiates

Pricing: The charge for my basic screening, which includes Psychology Interview, psychological testing, basic urine screening, and Breathalyzer testing, is $250. This service it is not reimbursable by the employee’s health insurance.

Please note that the half-life for alcohol is approximately 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, if you desire a test that can detect alcohol with as much as 5 days previous ingestion, then please add $39.95 to the cost to the above tests. Many other drugs of abuse may be tested for additional pricing.

If needed or if too much time has passed, then additional testing services will be recommended and are available:

Retesting Confidence: In the event that the results of the first urine test are challenged, a freshly collected hair sample can be obtained and tested. This is not possible with urine samples since the original window of testability will have passed and the subject need only to abstain from drug use for a few days prior to submitting a new urine sample in order to obtain a negative result.

Resistance to Evasion: Hair analysis cannot be evaded as in urinalysis where users can substitute clean samples with tampered samples, or they can merely abstain from drug use for several days and therefore provide a sample that will test negative. Drugs that have been deposited in the hair fiber remain permanently and cannot be washed or even bleached out.

Additional pricing for Hair Testing is as follows:

A five panel of drugs such as Amphetamines, Opiates, Cocaine, Cannabinolds (THC), and PCP is $90.00.

Seven or more drugs added to the above panel at a cost ranging from an additional $125 to $250, depending on the number and type of substances.

If the client is actively under the influence or severely intoxicated by alcohol or other substances they must first be referred, for their own safety, to an appropriate detoxification facility. I can then provide follow-up and after-care services.

Interventions: I also train family members to conduct an intervention in order to get their treatment resistant loved ones into counseling for their substance abuse problems.

Enclosed is my C.V. that reflects my past substance abuse experience. If you have further questions, please call me at (248) 335-6000.

Robert M. Hack

Other psychological Testing are Available

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