Parenting After Divorce

PADS (Parenting after Divorce/Separation)

What is PADS?

PADS is a private educational and communication skills training program that serves conflicted separated adults of Oakland County and surrounding Countries by training parents to effectively Co-Parent. Co-Parents learn to use appropriate communication rather than engaging in conflict and additional litigations, which has a detrimental effect on the children.


  • Be unable to resolve conflicts through other methods
  • No current PPO in effect unless specifically ordered by the court to participate in PAD/S. However we have had NO PROBLEMS IN THE PAST! As we use strict strictly issues.
  • Both co-parents able to attend the same 6-week series
  • Must be available to attend all 6 meetings
  • Agree not to initiate any new litigation during the 6 weeks of the class

Co-Parents Served by PAD/S
Parents served by PAD/S are those who are at risk of or who continue to engage in moderate to high conflict after a judgment of divorce has been entered in their case. They will be Co-Parents who are unable to effectively cooperate and work together to parent because of hostility, anger, and poor communication with each other. Often mediations have been unsuccessful with on-going difficulties over one or more parenting issues.

How Do Co-Parents Get Referred to PADS?
Referrals are accepted from the Friend of the Court Family Counselor, judges, referees, attorneys, or by the couple themselves. A court order Co-parents may attend voluntarily or be mandated by court order to attend PAD/S. Requests to participate or referrals for PAD/S can be emailed to: or faxed to my secure fax number: (866) 596-1047 with all contact information of clients’ and to who reports on completion to be sent too.

How Does PADS Work?
The goal of PAD/S is to train parents to communicate more effectively for the sake of their children. During the six weeks of the PAD/S program, co-parents are educated about the risks of on-going conflict on the psychological and educational adjustment of children. At the same time, Co-Parents are encouraged to take responsibility for the communication problems that exist with their co-parent and to learn more successful methods of communicating and resolving conflicts.

Co-Parents gradually interact with each other to pinpoint their most important conflicts and begin to use both communication techniques and effective conflict resolution skills to begin to resolve their arguments and conflicts.

PAD/S is a group program and Co-Parents never interact with each other without supervision and coaching. They learn new techniques of communication, practice these skills, are given homework assignments and must demonstrate their use of the skills they have learned in the weekly classes. The co-leaders and the other Co-Parents present provide a supportive and encouraging environment that enhances the learning of and use of new ways to communicate about old conflicts.

When Does PAD/S Meet?
PAD/S is a six-week series that meets once a week in the evening in Bloomfield Hills. Co-parents are given schedules approximately 14 days ahead of time in order to plan for this series.

What Does PAD/S Cost?
Since PAD/S is a private program, there is a fee of approximately $300.00 to each Co-Parent for PADS paid in full 14 days before class begins. All checks are to be made out to Robert M. Hack; each registration fee includes an interactive take home workbook.

Where Can I Get Information?
For more information, contact the following individual or private agencies offering the PAD/S program:

PAD/S does not address legal or financial issues.

PAD/S PROGRAM Coordinator, Robert M. Hack, Office 2550 South Telegraph Road, Suite 240, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 I can be reached at 248-335-6000 by email: or send to my secure fax number:
(866) 596-1047