Parenting Coordinator

Conflicted divorces needs a Parenting Coordinator (PC)– I am a trained Parenting Coordinator through the Association Of Facilitation Courts. Offers CASE MANAGEMENT to Mediate Parenting Issues.

•Separation and divorce are difficult for any family.
•All parents wish they could protect their children from the pain of family upheaval.
•I am dedicated to helping parents design practical Parenting Plans both before and after the divorce.
•I will help you think through all of the future Parenting Issues for your children based on the idea that although you are divorcing (or divorced) as husband and wife, you will always be the mother and father of the children and they will always need you.
•I will do all of that in the context where there are no losers.
•I will see that you cover everything.
•I will go into each area in great detail.

What Is A Parenting Plan?
•A Parenting Plan is a document that is used when you and the other parent of your children are not living in the same house.
•A Parenting Plan states when your children will be with each parent and how discussions will be made.

Why Should I Want A Parenting Plan?
•Having a Parenting Plan provides parents with specific details regarding the time they share with their children and who is responsible for important decisions.
•In addition, a parenting plan may help you meet the agreements.

What is a Parenting Coordinator?
•The use of Parenting Coordinators is a relatively new intervention to manage high-conflict custody cases.
•Parents retain a clinician to arbitrate ongoing child-related disputes either by private agreement or by Court order.
•That person then becomes the Parenting Coordinator.

What does the Parenting Coordinator do?
•The Parenting Coordinator works directly with the parents to help them communicate more effectively and avoid conflict around child-related issues.
•Parents who are constantly in court regarding child-related issues (such as holiday and parenting-time schedules, the sharing of information about a child’s academic or scholastic issues, and medical developments) might benefit from opinions and guidance to help make communication more effective.
•In addition, the Parenting Coordinator mediates issues and when the parents are unable to agree, the Parenting Coordinator is often given the power to arbitrate (decide) what the result should be.
•Ultimately, the court has the final say over child custody and parenting-time issues, but a Parenting Coordinator can drastically reduce the need to go to court and therefore reduce conflict for the children in that family.

What are the benefits of using a Parenting Coordinator?
Any method of dispute resolution that resolves child-related issues outside of Court is a positive result for families.
1. A Parenting Coordinator can provide prompt, consistent, and responsive assistance to parents who cannot resolve issues regarding their children by themselves.