Emotional Problems

Denial of an issue – I’m OK, you’re OK. Sometimes our love-ones need a little extra help. I can help your family member, via an intervention.


The use of “Family Intervention” described herein can be used for any issues that affect an individual or family, such as your child, parent, spouse or friend who might need psychotherapy and/or drug-chemical addiction treatment/psychotherapy. Is there an individual who has problems with spending too much money? You might have an individual who suffers from spousal abuse. This program can be used with your siblings who might have to intervene with their elderly parent who might need home health care, or assisted living, or have the need to enter a nursing home. We often think that, “so and so is so intelligent and therefore can work out their problems.” So why don’t I help them on an intellectual level? You will find that this method fails a majority of the time, because no matter how intelligent a person is, their intelligence is greatly lessened when a person has emotional-mental problems. This is why you feel frustrated from you past attempts to help the person. If you have tried and tried again to help your loved one too no avail, then the following program can help you to help your loved one obtain treatment.