“ I am so thankful that I had today’s session with you. I felt a dark cloud lift from me. There is a joyful outlook that I have now.”

“I am of the strong belief that in order to achieve results in mental health consultations there has to be a strong rapport between therapist and patient, which has developed between Mr. Hack and my son. We have seen results that have never been achieved by any previous psychiatrists or PhD’s.
Over the past seven years my son has been to at least 7 different professionals for therapy never resulting in any success. Most of these professional[s] were psychiatrists or PHD’s. None of these so-called professionals could ever establish a rapport or respect consequently the time and money spent in my opinion was a waste.
This is a field and science that has no exact measures. You can’t send a patient to anyone and get results. It’s not like taking your car to a shop to have an engine fixed. There has to be a trust, respect, and rapport between patient and therapist. My son has finally discovered a person to help him.”

(Regarding an intervention) “ Thank you for saving my marriage, the intervention was most helpful. I have been sober for almost 2 years now.” J. M.